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Equine Hospital
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1054 Lake Road Milton, VT 05468 Phone: (802) 893-6800 Fax: (802) 893-6808 After-hours Emergency Number: (802) 860-8266
We offer extensive equine and camelid veterinary services in Vermont and upstate New York, for all ages, breeds, and disciplines. Our mission is to deliver caring, professional service with a large variety of diagnostic and treatment options. We take pride in offering a high level of customer service throughout our practice. We offer the peace of mind that your horses will be cared for by veterinarians who have undergone equine and camelid specific training. This ensures your animals will receive the highest standard of health care.
VLAC Equine Hospital serves as a referral equine and camelid medical and surgical hospital for Vermont, New Hampshire and upstate New York with two Board Certified Equine Surgeons, and a Board Certified Equine Internist. We offer a variety of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic options, including: emergency and routine equine and camelid surgery, equine and camelid internal medicine, digital radiography, ultrasound, shock wave therapy and video endoscopy. One focus of VLAC Equine Hospital is on client education, allowing our clients to make the best and most informed decisions for their animals.
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